Published on Jul 31, 2010

The Third Angle (A legend of Bermuda Triangle) – Part-1

Many of the things that I imagine and feel while writing these stories, couldn’t be expressed in a descriptive form. As I’m not such a good writer and I’m unable to describe them in words. So I will be grateful to you for any comments/suggestions helping me to improve my writing skills. Thanks.

The Third Angle

The Third Angle

The Third Angle

A legend of Bermuda Triangle

written by Mahfuzur Rahman Masum

Part 1

(Part-2 is here)

31st December, 1544

It was a red evening in Bermuda. The sun is going to set down into the North Atlantic. The red shadow of the sun was reflecting into the calm sea water. Waves coming from deep sea is floating into the beach. A long beach, but with much longer silence. Cahows here and there flying in pairs. Sometimes their eerie cries breaks up the silence for a while. Ang, sitting on the sand kept staring at the setting sun. He is talking with somebody, though none else was there.

- Kelly, look… the sun is sinking inside the sea. look…
- Yah, it’s so beautiful to see! but Ang, you told me you wanna visit the place where sun sets, but when? I wanna be there with you Ang!
- I don’t know exactly when, master says I’m too young to be a sailor
- You are 24 Ang, how much more older you need to be! If you don’t want to take me with you then it’s OK, i will not bug you anymore :(
- Kelly, please try to understand me, I wont go anywhere without you, you are my only friend here, but master didn’t permit me.
- Didn’t permit what? to take me with you, that’s the only problem right? (Kelly’s voice was trembling)
- Kelly, there’s no one on this land who knows about you, please look at my eyes… I will not let you alone ever! …Kelly please respond… where aaare you!… Kelleeey!…

An old beard man came to Ang and placed his hand on Ang’s shoulder.

- Hey Ang! what happened? Why shouting like that?
- I’m sorry master, i thought there was somebody near me.
- OK come on Ang, it’s becoming dark here, it’s time to go home

they started to walk…

- Ang, I told you before, there’s nobody else here in this Isle of Devils.
- Isle of devils? But i never saw any devils here master!
- It’s because you love them
- What?
- Yah I love them too, those Cahows :)
- Master! if they are devils, then i want to say, devils are the most beautiful creatures on earth!
- Yah, you are right Ang, but I don’t know why people says like that, maybe it’s because when Cahows cry, the sound makes people scared. when I first came here, I was also scared with that strange sound.
- Strange sound? I don’t think so, I can understand their language. They have families with everlasting relations. they are just awesome!
- It’s because you are here with them from your childhood. I also passed my first 2 years talking with the Cahows and taking care of them before someday I found you, the baby boy crying in the beach. I don’t know from where did you came here, but i can guess it was another ship that became victim of this devils paradise…
- Then how did you came here master?
- It’s prayer time Ang, I will let you know everything tonight, now just go and take ablution.
- As your wish master…

Ang and his Master takes ablution and prays their prayer

- Ang, it’s good time to make a wish for yourself
- Master, I don’t have any wish for me, can I wish for her?
- Her? Who’s she?
- Her name’s Kelly… I don’t know who’s she, don’t know where she lives, I could never see her, I just can feel her existence beside me, and she also feels the same about me. sometimes we get connected somehow, and sometimes not. I found a spot near the beach where I can find her existence, but she is invisible. She told me that I’m also invisible to her.
- Hmmmm, once upon a time I was also in that age Ang, I know whats happening inside you :) …Yah of-course you can wish to meet her someday.
- No Master, I’m not going to wish like that. It’s my wish for her, not for me…

Master stared at Ang for some time. Then he put his right hand on Ang’s left shoulder

- Ang, I think you know better than me how to wish
- Then Master, please just tell me when I will be able to become a sailor
- (After remaining silent for some time, master replied) from tomorrow

Looking at his master, Ang’s face started to smile a bit, then master left the room.

Now Ang starts to wish with a bowing head…

- My Lord… Master said, You listen to those who never break promises. I know You are listening my Lord! …I know nothing but what You’ve taught me this far. So I don’t know what’s best for her my Lord! Tomorrow I’m going to sail for the first time. I will try my best to meet with her, but i don’t know where she lives. And I don’t know if I’m eligible or not. And I don’t know if such an ordinary man like me can make her happy. Please guide me to the right path, if that’s best for her, and please drive me to the wrong path otherwise. I know You are listening to my heart my Lord! You know what this heart wants to say my Lord! I know You are listening my Lord! I know You are listening… (Ang is weeping silently)

An hour later master came back to that room searching for Ang…

- Aaang… Ang where are you? Aang…

Master found him lying on the floor fainted. He took him out of the room immediately and placed him on the corridor. He ran back to his room and came out with a little box and some medics. After some sort of first aid, Ang’s sense started to come back. Within some time, Ang seems to be OK.

- What happened Ang?
- I don’t know
- You need rest Ang, but you don’t have enough time, go and take rest for an hour. After that we have a lot of work to do. We need to prepare for tomorrow. And you need to know the basics of sailing in the North Atlantic, specially near Bermuda.
- Master I’m OK, lets start from now, I waited for this day from long before.
- OK then, come-on with me.

Master took Ang into his room…

- Ang, it’s going to be a quite different sailing experience than an average one. It’s near Bermuda, where you’re going to sail and using a special ship. I told you before how magnetic stones behave in different conditions. In this sailing you need to have a much better understanding about magnets, because the ship controlling techniques will be based on controlling some special types of compasses…. (Master started to explain why magnets behave like that and how compasses can help to get directions) …But Ang, there are some special type of magnets, that looks like the same as other magnets, also behaves similarly, but contain some specialty. I understand that they are special, but i don’t know why they are different and i can’t explain their properties. I found some of them here in Bermuda only. These special magnets are here due to King Solomon. He was a man with great wisdom and power. Whatever, we need to prepare for tomorrow. Come-on I need your help…

King Solomon

King Solomon

Ang and his master started to prepare necessary things they will need for sailing…

- Master, you didn’t tell me yet how did you came here.
- (master remain silent for some time)
- Master, it’s OK, if you don’t want to tell me.
- No my son, I’m telling you the story. I born in England, a land that’s located about 3 thousand miles away towards the north-east from here. My mother died when I was 2 years old. When I was about 15, I went to Portugal with my father. My father was a sailor and he wanted me to be like him. I started my life as a sailor in a Portuguese ship. At that time we came to know about Bermuda from Bermúdez, a Spanish explorer by whom it was enlisted in the Spanish charts that time. We started to use the island as a replenishment spot for fresh meat and water. But this land was a mysterious place for explorers because of the dreadful environment and sudden storms near Bermuda. It was known as Isle of Devils among explorers.

- Hmmmm, then?

- My father left this world when I was 19. After that I was sailing for 3 years, I felt lonely most of the time. By this time our ship went to Santo Domingo another land about a thousand miles to the south from here. There I get acquainted with my wife. We married there. Then I decided to come back to Portugal with my wife. On the way home from Santo Domingo our ship wedged itself between two rocks on the reef near Bermuda. So our crews took shelter in this island. We tried to salvage as much as we could and started to build a new hull using Bermuda cedar to return to our initial departure point.

- Then why are you still living here?

- (Heaving a deep sigh, Master continued) About 10 to 11 days later, one night I saw a strange dream, a strong light came to my tent and then i just couldn’t see anything and heard my wife was shouting for help, but the sound seemed to me from far away. After waking up, I found my wife was not there in the tent. I came out of the tent searching for her, and that was the start of a search for my lost wife that didn’t end up to this far. (Master’s voice became tremulous and he stopped for some time with floating tears in eyes) …nobody there could tell me where is my wife. nobody could tell me where did she go… staying here about 4 months, all the crews left this land with the repaired ship, they tried to make me understand that she’s no more. but I didn’t leave this isle. 26 years have passed since then. I’m still searching for her… waiting for her… but she did never came back! I don’t know if she’s still alive or not…

- I’m sorry master!

- It’s OK my child… (Master wiped off the tears) …I passed years after years here, I started to learn many truths by observing the behaviors of the Cahows here. These strange lights are a type of species that comes down from the stars. They come here to take away those special magnets. But King Solomon knew some very well techniques how to protect these magnets from those strangers coming from the stars. I don’t know how does this work, but the structure and positioning of Cahows nests along with the positions of the magnets combined, creates an invisible protection layer in the space near each protected magnets. Solomon trained the Cahows to follow some special rules while building their nests. You will feel like the nests are just positioned randomly here and there. But actually there’s an exact order of positioning of their nests that the Cahows are following from generation to generation to protect those magnets.

- I told you master, what a creature those are!

Ang and his master continued to prepare for the next day… then they took supper…

- Ang i think we are done. it’s time for sleep. now go and take a sound sleep. we will have a busy morning tomorrow.
- Yah, I’m excited!
- Me too :) OK then, good night Ang
- Good night master


…Ang tried to sleep, but couldn’t. A lot of thoughts were whispering around his mind. He wake up from bed and came out of his room. It was about midnight in Bermuda. He slowly started to walk down towards the beach…

Suddenly Ang heard a long crying sound coming from the nearest jungle. Immediately Ang started to run towards the jungle… Reaching inside the jungle, Ang saw some strong lights near the nest of a Cahow family. Ang saw the light is getting nearer to the nest and the Cahows are crying in fear. Ang shouted, hey, over here, Ang took a stone from nearby and threw that stone towards the light. the light seems to turn back to him. Ang ran out of the jungle and the light followed him. the light was trying to catch him. Ang was running fast through the beach to escape from the light and suddenly stumbled over a rock on the beach…

The light came over Ang and slowly it was coming nearer and nearer towards him. Ang’s sight was filled up with strong lights, he could hardly see anything. Ang tried the last thing he could do. He took a stone nearby with his hand and suddenly all the lights were turned off. Ang looked around him, he found himself on the beach, the strange light seems to be gone. Ang was wondering what he has done! He looked at the stone in his hand. It looked like a simple stone normally found here in Bermuda. But he didn’t understand why the light escaped from him after he took that stone in his hand. Ang was getting up from the sand…

Suddenly Ang became surprised hearing Kelly’s voice nearby.

- Can you hear me, Ang? Ang, Are you there? Ang… (Kelly’s voice was revealing that she is very much tensed)
- Kelly, you? It’s about midnight! I just can’t believe!
- Ang, are you OK? I just had a bad dream!
- I’m just fine Kelly, don’t be tensed. A strange animal came over here, but i took a little stone in my hand and that coward just flew away :)
- Ang! I told you before, you should stay away from these animals… If something bad happens to you, then…
- Then?
- Nothing, you will suffer who cares… Now tell me when we will meet each other?
- Soon
- Soon? But when this soon will come? You told me you will find me out when you become a sailor? But you are not yet a sailor :(
- Kelly I’ve something to tell you. But before that can you tell me exactly where do you live?
- I’ve told you several times Ang! You just don’t believe me right?
- But I’ve searched the whole isle. I didn’t find anything matching your words. If you were in Bermuda and that’s on North Atlantic, then my master said there’s only one isle named Bermuda here. If you were in the same island, then I must have found you!
- Ang, I also searched through the satellite maps and there’s only one Bermuda on North Atlantic.
- Searched through what??
- Ang, don’t act like you can’t understand anything! Can’t you hear everybody is celebrating the new year 2009? Now say that you even didn’t know it?!
- 2009? I’m sorry Kelly, I didn’t know that, but it seems to me, you live in a very different Bermuda than I do! I will definitely find that unknown and mysterious Bermuda!
- Ang, this Bermuda is not the mysterious one like yours. The whole world knows the Bermuda I’m talking about. But nobody seems to know the Bermuda you described to me. But look Ang, I just believed your words whatever you said. And i believe you will find me one day. My teachers told me, there’s no place on earth where sun sinks inside the sea. My science books tells me the same, but i don’t believe anyone else but you! But Ang, you never believed me! Whatever I say, you always act like that’s unbelievable!
- Kelly I’m sorry, I do believe you Kelly! I just didn’t know, and I feel guilty why I don’t know! May be I’m wrong and you’re right. Whatever, happy new year, Kelly!
- Well, you don’t have to be sorry every time! You don’t believe me that’s the fact. I will not wish you. I don’t want to talk with you. I don’t want to talk with anyone! (Kelly starts weeping and went away)
- Kelly, please don’t go! I had something to tell you! Kelly I’m sorry! Kelly please!… You’re just a kid Kelly!

9:15 AM, 1st January, 1545
Ang and his Master was preparing for the sailing…
- Master, what date is today?
- It’s a new year Ang. 1st January, 1545. People celebrated new years when I was in Portugal. But all days are the same here for me.
- 1545… 2009… (Ang stopped for some time)
- What happened Ang?
- Master can you tell me, what’s the thing that we call time? Can you explain it to me? I feel like it’s a strange concept!
- I learned from others that it’s something that’s beyond our control. People says that it’s just a measurement of itself. But when I try to feel it, I understand one thing that it’s one of those many mysterious illusions of this world that I don’t know much about… Whatever my boy, come-on it’s time to show you another mysterious thing. The special ship with some very special magnetic compasses.
- Yah, I’m really excited about the ship.
- Then show me where your ship is located, I’ll show you the ship :)
- My ship? I don’t know anything about the ship!
- Yah it’s you only who knows the location of the ship!
- What? Master, how do you expect me to know the location of a strange ship, which i did never knew about before?
- Ang, then how do you expect me to know exactly where you two get connected every time? :)
- (Ang stopped for sometime, looking at his master, his face starts to smile) …Then follow me Master! (Ang ran out of the house)
- Wait for me! I’m not that fast like you, but you might need a turtle to win this race Ang! :) (Master followed Ang like a marathon runner)

Ang and his Master reached the place where Ang and Kelly gets connected every time. Ang went near to the exact point in the beach…

- Kelly are you there? (Ang waits for sometime, by the time master managed to come to that place, Ang shouted) Master! She’s not there now, but this is the place. Now tell me where’s the ship?
- There must be a special magnet nearby, we need to just find that out.

Master took a magnetic compass from his bag and they started to search and finally found the compass to point towards the earth. They started to dig out the soil and found an ancient box made with silver. Over the box there was an engraved symbol (The Flower of Life) with an abstract art of a human face.

- Master! What’s that?
- It’s the magical magnet from King Solomon. He was a man with great wisdom and power. I guess, King Solomon did came here in Bermuda about 2500 years ago. May be with the help of his well known throne. I don’t know much about him, but the signs that I found here in Bermuda, I must admit, he was a real master of the base elements of this world.

The box was locked and master took a little magnet from his bag and placed the magnet near the lock with a sequence of moves and the box was unlocked! Master opened the box, there was a small black magnet inside the box. Master took the magnet in his hand…

- Ang! it’s that special type of magnet I told you last night. This magnet is the reason why you are able to talk with Kelly, even if she lives in a different world.
- What? This little magnet is the reason?!
- Yah! And only with the help of this, you might be able to visit the world where Kelly lives in.
- But master, the more I’m learning things from you, the more I’m wondering. How did you know all these things?
- From an ancient book, I guess written by some magnet experts who lived in Solomon’s kingdom. I found the book inside a temple in the jungle.
- Temple in the jungle? I didn’t see anything like that!
- There’s an underground temple in the jungle, I found that 4 years later from when I came here. The book is written in ancient Hebrew, I learned Hebrew from my father while i was in England. But the language of this book is much different as it’s an ancient form of Hebrew. It was really hard for me to understand what’s written. But the book had a lot of descriptive pictures that helped me a lot.
- Hmmm, but master, where’s that special ship?
- Over here (master pointed towards the little magnet in his hand)
- This little stone? (Ang was surprised)
- Yah, according to my understanding of the book, this special magnetic stone has an embedded definition of the ship we are talking about. Look at those trees that came out of a seed that has an embedded definition of a tree. It’s all the similar principles here in this magnet!
- That means this magnet is the seed of the ship, and you say it’s capable of forming a new ship itself?
- Exactly, and the formation is much faster than a tree! It just need some sea water to start the reaction. But one thing… You will not be able to communicate with Kelly anymore. But there’s a strong chance of meeting her within a month or two if you can sail perfectly with the ship.
- (Ang was silent for a while…) Master, I think it will be a grand surprise for her :)
- But the sailing will be a real challenge, storms will be there every now and then, keep in mind that it’s not just a travel from Bermuda to another place, it’s a travel through the waves of time!
- Ang loves to play with challenge my Master! (Ang’s voice was confident)
- But Ang, I’ve sailed for many years. With my experience and the descriptions that I found in the book, what I can conclude is, it will be the hardest sailing I’ve ever faced in my life. And if you fail to take the right decision at the right time, then it will be your life with which you are going to play!
- It’s her smile all that I want to see, it’s something that I care about more than my own life master!
- But in case if you fail to meet her then?
- I’m well prepared for that shock master! I know my lord will guide me to the path that I deserve!

Ang took the magnet from master and threw that towards the sea… The reaction started… The magnet didn’t sink, rather it was floating over sea water. Within a minute the magnet changed it’s shape to something like a strange ship and then expanded itself and within two or three minutes they saw something like a ship that was floating over the sea water. Then suddenly they felt a strange force lifting them upwards…

- Master! whats happening!!
- It’s a force that’s attracting us to it. But i did never know that magnets can attract something that is not a metal :?
- But I think we have a serious flaw in understanding metals :P
- But I think there might be some more serious flaw in the ship design…

(some strange force was lifting them towards the ship and landed them on the ship)

- Is it the way ancient people welcome new comers!!!
- Oh that’s a warm reception (Ang shouted) thanks a lot King Solomon :)
- I didn’t like that, that’s scary!
- Master, I thought you were braver than me :P
- Ya, of-course I’m braver then you, look it was funny to me too, but I don’t like too much of fun anyway :roll:
- Master, you are just a boring wise old man!
- Ang, there might be someone else who’s waiting for you to tell the same thing to you ;)
- I don’t think so, I know she feels the same about me what I feel about her.
- Ang, you r too young, things not always happen in the real world as you dream it to be
- But I want to believe master! My dreams will definitely come true one day…
- Yah that’s the spirit, great people can dream and also can make them true. You started the first part, now it’s time to make the second one true! (master put his right hand on Ang’s left shoulder…) i know you can do that Ang!
- (Ang’s smiling face started to convert to a serious mode…) Master! I know I need to learn a lot
- Then come-on we need to understand the ship control, this ship is much easier to control as described in the book. The hardest part is to take the right decisions in right time.

They went to the control room…

- There are 3 controller compasses. Look at this one, it’s called the compass of reality, which is controlled by itself, but you can also control this one using other magnets… Then this one is called the compass of illusion, the book says that it’s controllable, but I couldn’t understand the procedure described in the book… And this one is called the compass of dream and according to the book, ancients didn’t know how to control this one but the book says that wise people there was trying to explain the characteristics of this compass and was trying to discover a way to control that one also. The whole ship follows the way pointed by the compasses and they finds the way automatically. The whole ship moves towards the resultant effect of the 3 compasses. You can change the direction of the ship by controlling the directions of the compasses.

- Master! Look! The ship has already started to move, but where is it going to?
- I don’t know much about this Ang! We need to find out, let’s sit together with the book. the book is in my bag.

They started to search through the book to know more about the ship… Day by day they kept trying hard to understand the principles described in the book…

The ship contained special types of ancient foods and drinks that helped them to stay alive. The ship also contained many interesting things like some sheet of papers and ink along with Cahows feathers for writing, a special type of mirror for absorbing the lights from the sun and reflecting the light just later on at night. According to the book the mirror just don’t reflect the light immediately, it just delays the time of reflection by controlling some properties of time and the book contained an explanation of how it works but Ang & his Master couldn’t understand the explanation.

Days and nights were passing by in the North Atlantic. Ang was trying hard to understand the book everyday from the morning to the afternoon. Staring at the setting sun in the evening, Ang’s mind traveled through his memories, remembering one of Kelly’s favorite songs that Kelly told was by an artist named Richard Marx. Ang didn’t know who was that artist, but feeling like the song was written from his own heart…

Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting

Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn’t stop the pain

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I took for granted, all the times
That I though would last somehow
I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
But I can’t get near you now

Oh, can’t you see it baby
You’ve got me goin’ CrAzY

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I wonder how we can survive
This romance
But in the end if I’m with you
I’ll take the chance

Oh, can’t you see it baby
You’ve got me goin’ cRaZy

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

…Slowly the sun disappeared into the sea, the darkness of night began to cover the world. Looking up to the sky, staring at the stars Ang felt his vision was getting blurred with the little drops of tears that accumulated over his eyeball…

Ang tried to control his emotions because his Master said, “a sailor should forget how to cry”. Ang warned himself, “You have to fight against all these emotions and be practical Ang! You have to adjust yourself with the rude reality of this world, you should be well prepared for the shock if that happens to you. Remember what you promised with your Lord Ang! Remember what you promised!”

- Aaang! where are you?
- Right here master, I’m coming up…

12 days later…

A night with a clouded sky. The ship has stopped in the middle of the sea. Ang is drawing a triangle in a sheet of paper. Ang and his master is concentrating hard on that.

- Well that means the first angle represents Bermuda and we are now exactly here (Ang pointed in his drawing) in the middle of this triangle. Now calculations according to the relations described in the book I can find two points from where we can jump back to Bermuda in less than a second and that Bermuda should be in a quite different time frame right?
- Yah exactly, but look Ang, the ship has stopped, so we need to take a quick decision before we face any sudden storm. The ship is waiting for our directions.
- But master! We need to take the right decision!
- Yah of-course, but in right time Ang!
- OK, now take a look at the three points Master! The first point is Bermuda from where did we came, the second point is over here and the third point is over there. So we are getting a triangle, with three different angles. The first angle is in Bermuda, so to jump back to the Bermuda that has a different time frame, we need to reach one of those other two angles following a defined route. The route will be defined by the self iterating formula described in the book with a seed angle which is the first angle near Bermuda. Initial calculations is showing that the Bermuda we will reach through the second angle is in a time-frame that is advanced by 464 years from now and which is the year of 2009 :)

- That’s exciting! But what about the third angle Ang?

- i couldn’t figure that out master! I couldn’t calculate the time-frame for the third angle. Through the calculation procedure, I’m facing some strange complexity regarding dimensions and I’m unable to proceed anymore with my limited knowledge about geometry. In the fourth chapter, the book has described some complex geometric shapes with very simple formulas, but I was not able to understand them clearly. Whatever the second angle seems to me is the right option master, it’s in 2009, I think we don’t have to care about other angles :)

- But Ang, we humans more often fail to find the truth of nature, because we ignore what we don’t understand.
- Master! I want to think positively.
- Ang, it’s better to think positive. But you need to be sure that you aren’t blindly taking decisions in favor of a wrong side.
- Master! It’s not a blind decision, it’s based on calculations. And I only get the second angle perfect for it. In-fact there’s no third angle. it’s a straight line that we need to consider :)
- It seems to me that you are so mad about the second angle that you can’t even see the third one :?
- Yah, you are right Master! I’ve become mad, because I just found the time-frame in the second angle that matches the time-frame where Kelly lives in!
- But Ang, will it be wise to take the decision only based on the time-frame? Even though you don’t know the time-frame of the third angle?
- I don’t want to know anything else. And there’s not enough time to waste.
- OK then, you might be right. who knows, I also want to think positively :)

So they selected the second angle for their exploration. Ang was so happy that he even forgot to try to understand the fourth chapter of the book. Ang was so satisfied with his findings and calculations that he was pretty sure that he is going to meet Kelly through the second angle.

By analyzing the book Ang and his master already was able to understand how to control the compass of illusion. so they configured the compass of reality and the compass of illusion for pointing towards the second angle. As expected, the compass of dream adjusted itself automatically.

- Ang, now we need to define the route before we start. (Master looked at Ang. Ang was slightly absent-minded) Ang…
- Yah
- A sailor shouldn’t be absent from reality even for a second!
- I’m sorry Master! Well now what we need to do is… is… (Ang scratched his head)
- Define the route!
- Oh! OK

Ang started to calculate the route. To define the route they need to divide the whole path into 4 sections. So Ang knew he has to find out the positions of 3 key points throughout the path from here to the second angle. And then he needs to set the direction of the ship to the first point among the three using the compass of reality and he needs to change the direction to the second point when the ship reaches the first point along the path and so on…

- Master! I’ve calculated the points for the route definition. The first point is OK, I can setup the compass of reality for the first point now. But the second and third point on the route is confusing me.
- Why?
- They’re in the space on a much higher altitude than the sea level! It’s impossible to reach those points with this ship and we are not birds that can fly, are we?
- Ang, the weather is not looking good. It’s the sign of a sudden storm. We need to start the ship as soon as possible.
- But master, I’m confused with the route!
- But we need to start the ship now! (Master commanded) Configure the compass of reality to the first point now, it’s not the perfect time for researching on the other two, the storm is coming up! (master pointed towards the sea, that was a powerful cyclone)
- (Ang started to configure the compass of reality) I’m sorry master, but our first point in the route is towards that cyclone!
- Sailors should never be afraid of cyclones, start the ship now!

Ang started the ship, it slowly started to move towards the terrible storm. The waves were growing higher, the wind more intense. There is nothing more frightening than a storm at sea in the dark of night. The ship was mounting up to the heaven, then went down to the depth. Ang and his master having real hard time controlling the ship towards it’s destination point. The ship was looking like a tiny toy boat compared to the huge mountain like sea waves and seemed like totally helpless against the strong wind.

- Master! I’m losing control over the ship!
- But I’ve loosed control over myself! (Master lost control by the abrupt dangling of the ship. He was about to fall down into the billowing sea and was struggling hard to hold in a tight grasp of something in the ship)
- Master!! (Ang shouted and left the control room to save his Master)

While Ang was trying hard to save his master, the ship was moving totally uncontrolled. As soon as Ang managed to save his master, they saw something more terrible about the ship. The ship was on top of a huge wave which was going to break down. It’s going to be like a free fall from a high mountain with an uncontrolled slanted ship.

- Ang! take a deep breath!

The ship started to fall freely down towards the depth. Both of them closed their eyes and started yelling…

After some time the roaring of the sea storm stopped. The strong wind also seemed to disappear. But their yelling didn’t stop. Ang stopped after sometime, felt strange, opened his eyes and found his Master was still yelling!

- Master please stop! We shouldn’t have to wait so long for a crash to happen!
- (Master stopped and looked at Ang) You wanna say our ship has already crashed into the sea, but we are still alive standing like this? nonsense!
- The ship didn’t crash! Look, that’s a simple calm and quite sea over there!

Master looked down into the sea, there was gentle sea waves, looked up to the sky, it was a clear night sky with stars and his eye at-last found an island nearby covered with many strange lightnings. They discovered their ship is floating over the calm sea water near the beach of Bermuda 2009…

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  • alexandria jean

    May 30, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    wow that was really good! thanks im 16 and doing a report on the bramuda triangle so i got a song and a report thanks!!!!

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