Published on Aug 19, 2010

The Third Angle (A legend of Bermuda Triangle) – Part-2

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The Third Angle

The Third Angle

The Third Angle

A legend of Bermuda Triangle

Written by Mahfuzur Rahman Masum


(Part-1 is here)

Ang prepared to go searching for Kelly…

- Ang, have you told her yet how do you feel?
- No Master (Ang replied with eyes downwards)
- Do you know where she lives?
- I don’t know, but I have to find her out. It’s a small island and she told me that she is studying in web development at Bermuda College. That must be a very interesting subject to study with. I always wondered how spiders made those webs with such fascinating architectures!
- Hmmm that’s definitely interesting. But before you go there, remember what the book said. The distance of time that we’ve traveled so far is reversible only once. So we have one chance of going back to the Bermuda from where we came here.
- I know… goodbye Master!
- Never say goodbye my child :)

Staring at his master for some time, Ang embraced his master saying, “Please pray for me Master! I will be back soon”, Master patted on the back of Ang saying, “Go my son, keep your mind strong, take the knowledge of this world and try to adjust faster”. Ang looked at his Master’s eyes, they were filled with inspirations for Ang. Master beckoned with his head, Ang jumped into the sea and started to swim towards the Bermuda beach nearby. Master knew it will be real hard time for Ang to adjust with this new world. Because he at-least could understand that it’s about 464 years advanced world that Ang is going to get introduced with.

Reaching the beach Ang feels very tired and sits on the sand. Looking over here and there Ang is trying to compare the isle with the one he came from. It looks totally changed, there are many houses, buildings, lights and much more things Ang has never seen before. Ang tried to remember the descriptions from Kelly. Not everything did match, But Ang seems to have figured out the place where he and Kelly gets connected. Ang looked around, nobody was there. Ang thought Kelly must come to this place to get connected with Ang. So Ang decided to wait for Kelly to come here.

- “Kelly! I’ve found the place Kelly. I know you are missing me these days. I know you will come back to this place again. I can’t wait to see your eyes with surprise. It’s the first time we gonna meet. I can’t wait anymore…”

Ang waits for Kelly, hours was passing by, but nobody did came. It’s about midnight now and Ang still waits…

It’s about midnight, it’s the same place and it’s Kelly sitting on the sand alone. Staring at the sea, addressing Ang with hopes that he might reply…

- Ang! I’m really sorry Ang! I know I’ve hurt you on the 31st. Please forgive me Ang! Please Ang! I didn’t tell you Ang. I’m in love with you! I love you just the way you are! You don’t have to change! You don’t have to know anything Ang! Please come back to me Ang! I can’t live without you Ang! …Ang please! It’s been 42 long days I’ve been waiting for you Ang, but you didn’t come back! It’s my birthday Ang! You couldn’t tell me your birthday and I didn’t tell you mine. I know sometimes I act like child. Ang, can u tell me to whom else will I complain for love! But look I’ve no complain on you today! Wouldn’t you wish me today? Wouldn’t you come back Ang! Please Ang… Ang I miss you too much… I’m waiting for you Ang!… Ang please come back… please… (Kelly cries with a bowing head, but nobody did reply)

Here at the same place Ang passed the whole night waiting for Kelly but nobody did came. Ang thought Kelly might come here in the next evening while the sun sets. Ang was staying at the same place and waiting. In the morning crowd of people started to grow near the beach. Ang was watching tourists, he never saw so many people at the same time.

After some time a hungry poor kid aged 9-10 wearing nothing but a worn half-pant, came to him begging for some money. Ang asked him where his parents lived. The boy didn’t answer. Ang asked, “Where do you live?”, “Over there” the boy pointed towards a slum nearby. Ang didn’t have money to help the boy. But he had some foods with him for the breakfast. So he gave those foods to the hungry little kid and said, “My little brother, I don’t have money but I have some foods for you, take this. I don’t know how to earn money in this world”, “Huh! you don’t know how to earn even being an aged big brother!”, the boy was smiling, “Just wait, I will show you how”. The little boy sit beside Ang and started to have his breakfast with the food. Ang also smiled looking at the boy and passed his hand over the boy’s hair caressingly and asked “What’s your name?”, “Edson”, the boy replied. The boy finished the foods in short time. “OK now come on with me”, the boy commanded. Ang followed the command willingly.

The boy took him to a nearby restaurant for the tourists…

- “You can manage to get a job here and earn a loooot of money”, Ang was surprised, the boy continued, “But they are bad people, they don’t give any jobs to little boys like me! They want much more elder people like you. But I can do much better work than many of those lazy elder people working here. Can you tell me why my age is always regarded as my fault? Why elder and stronger people gets the jobs even if they are lazy?”
- Ang couldn’t answer his question. He replied, “Isn’t there any rich people here? Why they can’t see child like you suffering?”
- Edson smiled, “They see and they also take photos with their cameras. We smile while they click their shutters and some of them who have big hearts give us some coins. I heard those pictures are praised by many people, but we remain as we are. New people comes here, takes new photos, but our smiles always remain dry and pale… Well I think I’m wasting my time with you, bye for now”.

Edson went away towards the beach again. Ang was gazing at the boy, he knew he might have started to realize how rude reality can be to even a child of this age. But Ang was just like all the other typical people, so he didn’t take too much time to restart thinking about himself. So Ang contacted with the restaurant authority and convinced them with some new ideas about some fish recipes he used to cook with his master. They told him to start work from the next day. Ang came back to the beach once again…

Over here at the beach, Kelly is still waiting. She didn’t sleep the whole night and still waits sitting on the sand… Standing at some distance her mother and Dr. Stephen (a psychiatrist) is consulting about Kelly’s recent behaviors…

- Dr, look Kelly is staying here since last night, I tried to take her to the home, but she refused me. She claims she talks with somebody over there everyday. She listen to somebody talking with her. I asked her to show me the person she talks with. She replied me that the person is invisible.
- Hmmm, It seems to me is a serious case, I suspect she is suffering from schizophrenia. I need to talk to her. Lets now take her out from here, she might need some mental treatment and therapy.

They both went to Kelly and tried to take her away from there. Kelly shouted, “I will not leave this place, I’m waiting for Ang, No! leave me alone, I know Ang will come back! Please leeeave me! I wanna stay here, leeeave meey!”, But they took Kelly from there by force.

11:15 AM, Bermuda Mental Health Foundation

- That means you believe that voice you hear exists?
- Yah, I do believe! and I don’t believe what you are trying to say. How much of this world you have learned through those medical degrees? Nothing! I know this world is much more mysterious then you people think of.
- Kelly, I didn’t say you are wrong, I just wanted to learn from you what’s that mystery. OK now take rest.
- No I don’t have enough time to take rests. Please just leave me!

Dr. Stephen didn’t respond to Kelly. He wrote a short note and instructed the nurse to push her an injection that will make her sleep. Stephen get out of the room.

- Dr! what about her?
- I’m sorry, she is suffering from schizophrenia and the disorder is in severe condition. She needs to take the ECT. It’s a type of controlled electroshock applied in the brain for these type of patients…

It’s about afternoon in Bermuda. Kelly was sleeping in the room, her mother was crying sitting in-front of her…

It’s the same time when Ang was still waiting for Kelly in the beach. Ang didn’t know why he was feeling strange discomfort in his mind. He thought it might be due to the reason he is starving since last night. So he didn’t care about that much. It’s about evening time. There were many people near the beach watching the sunset. Suddenly Ang heard a voice nearby, “Kelly, lets take a picture with the setting sun as background”, Ang saw a group of girls were smiling, standing still and looking at Kelly who is standing in some distance with a strange thing in her hand. After about 4-5 seconds a flashing light came out of her hand and then all of them became normal again. Ang was wondering what is happening. Ang was surprised to hear that Kelly was saying, “Hey look, Ang is over there, lets take a picture with him”.

Ang was staring at the girl named Kelly with a surprised eye. Kelly came towards Ang.

- Hey Ang, what are you doing over here? Whatever I like your peculiar dress-up :P come-on Ang, we wanna take a picture with you :)
- Kelly!! is it you? (Ang was wondering, but Kelly seemed to have no surprise at all)
- Oh Ang! (Kelly was laughing) come-on with me, you are so shy with girls all the time!

Kelly took him with her, Ang followed her and was still wondering, trying to adjust with this sudden surprising act of the girl named Kelly. Kelly gave away that strange thing to one of her friends to take a picture. Once again they all became abnormal, standing still and looking at that strange thing and smiling at the same time. Ang tried to do the same, stood still with a smile on face and looked at that strange thing. Within short time another flashing light came out of that…

- Thanks Ang :) (Kelly was about to leave the place)
- Kelly wait. I’ve something to ask you.
- Yah
- How do you know it’s me?
- (Kelly laughed once again) Oh Ang!! take it easy… (Kelly left that place laughing)

Ang couldn’t understand anything. He became totally confused. So Ang tried to follow her to know where she’s going to. Following Kelly from distance Ang found her house is located in a place near the beach. Ang knew there will be many strange things he will see in this world. So Ang was not that much agitated to see many strange things on the street. Ang was wondering why Kelly was not surprised at all meeting him and how did she managed to know that he is Ang. He decided to come back to the slums where Edson lived. He knew he might have found his only good friend here who can help him to adjust with this world quickly.

- Hey you?
- Yah, I’m having some problems over here. I’m new in this Bermuda. I don’t know anything about this world. I think I need your help
- It’s the first time I see, somebody like you is seeking help to a child like me! That’s interesting :?
- But I think you’re about ten years elder than me in this world. I’m no more than a day old here!
- Ha ha ha! you’re not a kid, still you’re kidding with me :)
- Edson! It’s true, I’m not kidding, I need your friendship badly.
- (Edson stared at Ang with a little surprise) What’s your name?
- Ang
- Hmmm, you look very much tired, did you get the job?
- Yah, they told me to start from tomorrow
- Don’t you have anyone here who knows about you?
- Yah, I only knew one person in this land of 2009. But she seems to have failed to recognize me…
- This world is like this Mr. Ang! You’ll find people frequently fail to recognize you, when you are in trouble. Whatever, where will you stay the whole night then?
- I don’t know
- Well, if you don’t mind, you can stay with me. But you’re looking like very much hungry, you’re starving the whole day, right?
- (Ang remains silent)
- Don’t worry, It was a better day for me. I’ve earned 90 cents today, so we can easily manage to get the food for tonight :)

…From the next morning Ang started his job and he got his shelter in the restaurant. Ang became busy to prove himself in his job. Within some days his new recipes started to get popularity. Day by day his recipes was becoming so popular, that the restaurant authority was amazed about Ang and soon he started to get better salary. Day by day Ang began to adjust with the new world and the new environment. Mobile phones was one of those many amazing things he get introduced with in this world. So he bought one for him and learned to operate that device from others. Ang decided to manage to get into a better standing so that he become familiar with this new environment before he will let Kelly know that he is the person, that she was waiting for. Ang also started to grow his savings for his dreams to come true.

3 months later

It’s near Kelly’s house, Ang standing in a distance waiting for Kelly to come out of her house. Ang has already learned what dress to wear to adjust with this world. After some time Kelly came out of the room and Ang followed her from distance. Kelly went to the Bermuda College for attending her classes. Ang followed her and reached the college campus. Kelly went into her class room while Ang was watching her from distance. Suddenly someone with similar age of Ang came to him…

- Hey Ang, what are doing here? You are missing the classes for last few days, It’s an important class today!
- (Ang was silent, he was just looking at the boy with a surprised eye)
- Hey come-on, it’s already late

The boy took him to the class, Ang found it’s the same class where Kelly entered into. Ang took his seat beside that boy. Ang looked around him and found Kelly was staring at him from some distance and as soon as he looked at her, she changed the direction of her eyes to look at something else. Ang felt strange, nothing was happening the way he thought it to be. He was just wondering if Kelly knows he is the Ang she is waiting for? But then how all the other people here seems to know his name? While Ang was wondering with these questions in his mind, the class started.

- We’ve learned in the last few classes about the basics of markup. Now today we will have a class test on HTML and CSS. Think of a webpage yourself and then you’ll have to draw the div structure of that webpage along with the HTML and CSS codes…

Ang didn’t understand what’s going on. Everyone was given a sheet of paper, but Ang couldn’t figure out what to do with this… The boy beside him asked, “Hey, you don’t have pencils? Well I’ve one extra with me, take it”, the boy gave him a pencil. Ang looked at the pencil for a while, he looked at others and understood that this thing is for writing. He knew it’s something related to web development as Kelly told him before. So Ang began to draw something he could imagine. After some time the teacher came to Ang…

- Ang! What’s that?!
- It’s the structure of a spider web (Ang scratched his head)
- (the teacher took his paper in her hand, then she showed that to the whole class) hey everyone, look! Ang claims it’s a div structure of a website!! (the whole class started to laugh at once) well then what do you mean by these strange codes you wrote under this structure?
- It’s the formula that spiders follow while they develop their webs. (The whole class laughed once again)
- Ang! I know you were absent in last few classes, you are getting irresponsible with your studies day by day
- (Ang became still with a downcast face)

After the class, everyone slowly went out of the room, but Kelly was still there. Ang was sitting with his downcast face. Kelly came near Ang and sit beside him.

- Ang, what happened to you? You were absent from the classes last few days and your mother also came to the college searching for you. Where did you go?
- My mother??
- Oh Ang! Do you understand recently your behaviors are like mad people? Recently in most of the classes, I noticed you were staring at me instead of the teachers, but why Ang?
- Kelly! Can’t you remember anything? You just forgot me in such short time?
- No I didn’t forget anything… (Kelly remain silent for some time, then…) Do you love me Ang?
- (Ang was silent with eyes looking downwards)
- Then why didn’t you tell me before?
- I wanted to prepare myself for you
- You’re so serious about love?
- Yah, because I believe a true love can never break up, it lasts for the whole life.
- You’ve become a full mad Ang! (Kelly left the room laughing…)

Ang was still sitting inside the class room. After some time one of Ang’s classmate came to the class room. “Hey Ang you’re still sitting over here? Come-on lets go to the library, we need to prepare for the next week exam”, his classmate took him to the college library.

Entering the library, Ang saw there were many books on the shelves of the library. Ang was amazed to see so many books at the same time. He was taking a look at the books on the shelves. “Hey Ang, web development books are over here”, his classmate addressed him. But Ang seems to have found something more interesting. He found a book titled “Parallel Worlds”. Ang took that book in his hand and going through some pages he found the book to be really interesting. So he sit down with that book and started to read through.

Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku

Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku

His classmate came to him, “Ang! Next week is the final exam and you’re reading books outside of the syllabus! That’s great, you might be well prepared for the exam right?”, Ang didn’t reply anything… His classmate left the library after some time, Ang continued to read the book. Time was passing by, it became afternoon, but Ang was still reading the book. The librarian informed Ang that the library will be closed now. So Ang left the book over there and came out of the library. Ang was trying to co-relate things that he is observing over here with the theories and fictions of the parallel worlds. He started to realize the things that was happening but still with a lot of confusions in his mind. While he was confused with all the things, an old women saw him from distance and was running towards him

- Aaaang!!!… Aaang!!…. Ang where were you these couple of days my son? You even didn’t tell me anything. I was so much tensed!
- Who are you?
- Ang!! that’s enough, come-on with me

Ang followed her without asking any more questions. They went to their house and a little boy about 6 years of age ran towards him

- Brother! Where were you these days? Where did you go with that bright light?
- Bright light?
- Ang, he had a bad dream on the night from when you went out of the house without telling anything to anyone. Now go and take rest and please for God’s sake, let us know wherever you go, OK?

Ang entered into his room, he was still confused what was happening. Is it his own existence in this time that makes him known to everyone, or he is just playing the role of somebody else? Whatever, Ang decided to adjust with this mystery that is happening to him.

The next morning Ang went to the college once again and he didn’t attend the class, rather he went to the college library and started to read that book once again. Though he couldn’t understand many things of the book, but he was trying hard. About an hour later, Kelly came to the library…

- Oh Ang! I’m searching for you through out the whole college and you are over here?
- (Ang looked at Kelly, but remain silent)
- (Kelly sit beside him) Ang! what magic have you applied to me Ang! Next week is the exam, but I can’t concentrate in my studies. The whole last night, I only thought about you! I couldn’t even concentrate in my classes in the morning because I missed you there. I used to call you a mad all the time, but this time I myself has become mad about you. I think I need to study with you, otherwise I won’t be able to pass in the exam :(
- (Ang stared at Kelly for some time, her eyes were filled with emotions… Ang closed the book that he was reading…) OK, if you feel it better to study with me, then I won’t mind, do you have those special books that covers the syllabus?
- Yah :)

Ang looked at the book and started with the first chapter

- Oh Ang! this chapter is not in the syllabus
- Then which chapter should we start with?
- The chapter that deals with the Theory of Love :)
- Hmmm, theory of love right? (Ang started to search through the book… Kelly took the book away from Ang and closed it)
- You’re a complete jackass :) (Looking at Kelly, Ang smiled a bit…) Ang please look at my eyes, can’t you see it’s filled with love for the handsome jackass in-front of me :P But you seems to have no feelings at all, you’re just like a robot :(
- Robot?? I mean… what’s that?
- Wait a minute… (Kelly took a little mirror out of her handbag and gave that to Ang) Now look at yourself, a robot looks exactly like this :P
- Hmmm, that means I can conclude a robot is something that looks like a jackass, right?

They were gossiping, they were laughing and then were staring at each other. Before leaving that place, Kelly told Ang that she just don’t like to let everyone know, so she requested Ang to keep it secret between them so that none of their friends could know about their relationship. Without asking anything, Ang agreed. Being a jackass though, Ang was feeling like he might have found the one he was waiting for. He started to believe that the happiness of heaven that a true love can bring into life has just began to happen. But he didn’t know these feelings could last for such a short time…

Some days later…

It was about midnight, Kelly called Ang through the phone…

- Ang, tonight I didn’t like the menu of dinner in my house. So I didn’t take enough food and I feel hungry now. Can you get some fast-food for me from the shop? The shop near our house is closed.
- OK sure

Ang came out of his house immediately and found all of the fast-food shops nearby was already closed. Ang knew a shop that remains open till late night was located about a kilometer distance from here. But Ang didn’t get any transport to go there quickly, so he started to walk quickly. Reaching the shop, he bought some fast food for her and when he was coming back Kelly called him once again through phone.

- Hey, why you’re delaying for so long?
- All shops there were closed, I’ve found one in a distance, I’m coming back
- Come back quickly, I’m waiting in-front of my house. it’s not my job to wait for you all the times
- OK, I’m coming quickly

Ang started to run through the street with food for Kelly in his hand. Reaching near Kelly’s house he was breathing hard. He was sweating at the same time and looking unfresh. Kelly was standing in-front of her house. Giving the food to Kelly Ang told her…

- I’m sorry Kelly, all the nearby shops were closed and I had to go to a distant shop for the food
- But you’re looking so ugly!! Go! Go away from here! I feel uncomfortable looking at your ugly face! (Kelly’s voice was filled with hatred)

Kelly went inside their house and shut the door. Ang kept silent with a downcast face for some time. Then he came back to his house. Ang couldn’t find any order in his thoughts. All the definitions of love that Ang developed in his mind up-to this far was proved wrong! Ang knew it’s important to have a better outlook, but he was more serious about enriching his mental qualities than his outlook up-to this age. Ang would never hesitate to make her happy by the sweat of his brow. But this time Ang found himself to be a fool. So the next day Ang became busy with his outlook more than ever before…

It was about afternoon, Ang and Kelly decided before that they would go to watch the sunset today. So Ang went to Kelly’s house. Kelly opened the door and staring at Ang for some time she said, “Wow! Ang you’re looking awesome today :) I thought I won’t go with you today, but what a change! Just wait a minute, I’m coming up”. Ang’s face smiled a bit, he was waiting in-front of Kelly’s house and was thinking how much different was his thoughts about Kelly and what she is in reality. Ang was wondering how love to someone can change it’s dimensions so abruptly only based on the outlook of the person.

Kelly came out of her house after a while. They went to the beach for watching the sunset. Sitting alongside Kelly, Ang was wondering why the Kelly beside him is so different than the one he used to talk with before…

- Kelly, can you remember how many sunsets we watched together, talking with each other though we didn’t see, with you the dreams that I formed in my mind, though I did never tell you before! We gossiped for hours, shared our thoughts, can’t you remember anything?
- How should I know about your dreamworld Ang? But I liked you before and I love you now :)
- But those were not just dreams Kelly!
- Well, now will you stay with your dreams or have a look at my eyes? My heart beats faster as I look through your eyes. Ang! please hold on to me! I wanna feel your heart and just get lost in your eyes.
- (Kelly was about to embrace him with her hands, but Ang stopped her…) I’m sorry Kelly, I won’t do that so early. You are near me and you are beautiful, but your mind seems to me is still far away… (Ang left the place)

Ang didn’t care that much when Kelly didn’t look good. He cared mostly about the state of the mind and the similarity in thoughts. But day by day Ang was discovering a much more different Kelly than the one he fell in love with. Day by day Ang lost his interest in improving his outlook, because to him it was something like a fake love that he was getting from Kelly. But Ang tried to adjust with it though he felt insulted every now and then because of complains from Kelly about his outlook and his social status. According to Kelly he was from a lower class family who lives in rental house, even don’t have enough money to buy a car for himself. Kelly’s behaviors reminded him each day that he was so much lucky(!) to get the companionship of a girl with such higher social status. Ang apologized all his problems and was trying to improve himself. He thought these might be his own faults because he knew he was about 464 years backdated from this world. So he continued with his own way of loving Kelly.

Over here at the same time at Bermuda Mental Health Foundation, it’s Kelly who’s busy decorating herself. Looking at the mirror with tearful eyes, she starts to talk…

- Ang!! Look, how beautiful your Kelly is! Ang… Won’t you come back to me Ang! I’m waiting for you so long! They’ve imprisoned me in this small room. But I can’t take anymore breath without you. Ang please rescue me from this prison! I thought you would never leave me alone. I believed in every word you said. But you left me alone! You are a liar!! You’re a hypocrite! (Kelly broke the mirror and starts to cry)

After crying for some time she took the broken pieces of the mirror once again, trying to accumulate those pieces together, looking at her face through the broken mirror, she starts to decorate her eyes once again. But the eye liner mixed with the tears was creating only some black colored drops falling over the broken pieces of the mirror…

Over here, Ang was trying hard for his establishment in this world, his reputation brought him better offers from renowned restaurants. So he got into a better position with handsome salary. Ang and Kelly both loved to go out traveling through different places of Bermuda. It was one of those days Ang and Kelly decided to went out for a day tour. Ang prepared for the tour and set out to reach Kelly’s house to take her with him. On the way suddenly he saw that little boy Edson was passing by. He was wearing the same worn half-pant. Ang found himself guilty because he has completely forgot about that little boy who helped him to start earning in this world.

- Hey Edson, how are you?
- (Edson looked at him but couldn’t recognize Ang)
- Hey it’s me whom you helped to learn how to earn!
- Oh you! You’ve become a gentleman :)
- Really?
- Yah. How about your job? Getting a lot of money right?
- You are right Edson. What about you?
- (Edson was silent for some time) I wonder when I will be older to be able to prove me like you
- But I don’t like to see my friend wearing almost nothing, Edson would you please come with me?

Ang took him to a market nearby and let him choose a shirt, a pant and a pair of shoes for him. Edson was so happy getting his new set of dress that he was weeping and embraced Ang saying, “you’re my best friend up-to this time, no one did ever understand my problems like you”. Ang knew he has done nothing compared to the help the boy did to him. But the evil inside him helped him to remain selfish for himself. So he thought he has spent enough money for Edson and he should keep the rest of the money with him for the upcoming expanses. That time Kelly called through phone and she was getting angry with Ang because she felt insulted that she has to wait for Ang. So Ang left Edson there and forgot to even ask him if he could manage to get enough money for the lunch that day.

Ang hired a taxi and went near Kelly’s house and took her with him…

- Now tell me why I had to wait for you?
- I’m sorry Kelly, everyday I wait for you and today it wouldn’t be otherwise but unexpectedly I met one of my friends on the road
- Friend? You’ve friends more important than me?
- Nop, I left him there just because I wanted to be with you
- Huh! Yesterday I saw you talking with Sarah, you think I don’t understand anything?
- She came to me for helping her in understanding some codes and I disappointed her saying that I myself don’t understand those codes
- Why she has to ask only you for help, there are many other students in the class!
- I don’t know why, but before I came here, my existence here in this world might have been an expert of those codes and I suspect she came to me because of that belief that I can help her understand those codes.
- Don’t make lame excuses Ang!
- OK! Did I ever complain when you go out traveling with other boys? Did I ever complain when I saw you taking hands of other boys? If you can have rights to do that, then I also should have rights to at-least talk with other girls
- Mine and yours are not the same, we girls respect our friends, but you boys do not have fresh minds, you guys always take girls otherwise even if they just talk with you
- Yah, you’re right, we boys can’t take girls just as friends and the other person you’re taking hands with is also a boy
- What? You don’t believe me?
- I also have the same question to ask you!
- (Kelly became angry with Ang and stopped talking with him…)

Someday later, their final exam result in Bermuda College was published and though most of the students did pass the exam easily, but Ang failed. Since then Kelly started to avoid him. Ang was slowly realizing that he is not suitable for this world. So he didn’t complain about the avoidance. Someday later Kelly told Ang through phone that she no more wants to meet with Ang because her family won’t let her get married with someone like Ang who lives in a rental house, don’t have enough money to even buy a car for himself and who even couldn’t pass the exam. Kelly asked him at-last, “Why you have so many problems?”, Ang remained silent, he had nothing to answer. Ang decided to stay single for the rest of his life. But he was still tensed about her. As Kelly stopped communicating with him, Ang tried to get information about her from other sources just to know if she is OK or not.

While Ang was still tensed about her and continued with his prayers for her welfare, some day shockingly Ang came to know that Kelly has done the same thing with other boys. Initially it was like a bolt from the blue for him. But Ang realized, he was so lucky having all those problems that helped him to identify that it was not the Kelly he fell in love with. Ang understood at-last that he is on the wrong end because he choose the wrong path. Ang also understood he is not eligible to meet the true Kelly in this world. So he thanked his Lord for helping him to know this truth. So Ang decided to come back to the ship…

Before coming back to the ship, Ang went to the slum where Edson lived. Ang did manage to grow a good amount of savings up-to this day. All of them are useless to him now. So he decided to give them away to Edson…

- Hey You! You’re looking stressed! What happened?
- (Ang smiled…) I’m fine, what about you?
- Yah fine!
- Edson! you might not know how much you’ve helped me to adjust in this world. You are my best friend here but I didn’t even remember you for a moment.
- Who told you forget me? You’ve bought me this shirt that day!
- But this is nothing compared to your help for me. But all these days I passed here since I came here, I only discovered me to be a typical selfish person. I know every people talks about poor, but no one takes steps to help them and I’m not an exception. Whatever, I’ve decided to give you all my savings to you my friend :)
- All your savings to me? But why?!
- I know you need them. But I wouldn’t be giving them to you if I needed them anymore. So it’s not a sacrifice for you, it’s your right on me that I’m giving you :)
- (Edson was staring at Ang with wonder)
- I would like to request you something, would you keep my words Edson?
- Tell me your words
- Promise me, you’ll go to the school and prepare yourself for your life and won’t forget about the poor and helpless people. Promise me, you’ll not be selfish like me… (Ang’s voice became tremulous)
- I promise! (Edson embraced Ang…)
- OK then I’m going back to my home from where I came here, goodbye Edson!
- Goodbye Ang!

Ang went back to the ship…

- Hey Master!
- Ang! you came back! Where is Kelly? You didn’t find her?
- We choose the wrong path Master! OK it’s time to go back to home, we need to calculate the route once again…
- Ang! These days I’ve tried to understand the book much more deeply. You don’t need to calculate any routes. Even if you do that the ship will be destroyed only but you can’t travel through time with this ship more than once.
- There isn’t any way to go back?
- Yah there is. We can reverse our whole travel through the storm and get back to the year of 1545. We need to arrange the compass of reality and the compass of illusion to point towards each other to do that. The book says hopefully the compass of dream will adjust itself to do the rest.
- Let’s do it, I was a far more better person when I was in 1545 at-least compared to the one I’m now, I can remember I had peace in my mind, I can remember I had love in my heart and I can remember the beach and the voice. I know we won’t get connected anymore, but at-least I want to be the one I was before, I want to get back to my past Master!
- Ang, though we might be able to get back to the past physically, but I think your mental state might never be able to get to it’s past. Our mind is something that seems to me is independent of time. Whatever, lets get back to home…

They configured their compasses for reversal of the travel through time. The whole process started it’s reversal. The mountain like waves, the uncontrolled ship, the storm and then the ship stopped itself near the middle point of the triangle. They found that they are back to that place from where they started to calculate their route. Now they configured their route for Bermuda, the first Angle of the triangle. The ship started to move towards Bermuda, but something unexplained started to happen…

As days were passing by, the behavior of the compasses were changing unexpectedly. Day by day, the compasses started pointing towards the third angle. Ang tried to reset them using artificial magnets. But the compass of dream which is beyond control, also changed it’s direction after some day…

Ang started his research on how to get control over the compass of dream and turn it back to point to the first angle. Ang started with the fourth chapter of the book…

3 days later…

- Ang! you are writing poems?? See your ship is sailing fast towards the third angle! Go and destroy that culprit compass! Otherwise the ship will be destroyed!
- “No Master”, replied Ang, “Destroying the dreams will not help to control the ship. I would rather invent a way to control magnetic fields in the dimensions of dream, just wait and see!”
- Ang! you’re talking like kids, you know this is impossible!
- “No Master!” replied Ang, “things always remain impossible until its done, so don’t get tensed Master!”
- Then why are you writing poems!!
- I’m not writing poems, it’s a letter, a letter to my Kelly
- what?
- Yah, I found her, I found her in the place where I didn’t even think of before. It’s that Kelly who was always beside me, but I could never imagine, could never understand. I’ve realized it’s only the third angle where I wanted to go. Calculations showed me that it’s also in 2009 but it’s another parallel world and I also discovered through calculations that the seed from where this ship came to existence could only communicate with the third angle.
- But it’s too late for you to understand Ang. The ship cannot travel through time more than once. It’s too late for you to find out the true Kelly
- I know that very well Master! I know it’s too late. But I couldn’t discover any way to control the compass of dream. I didn’t sleep last 3 nights. I tried hard and fortunately I’ve found a solution.
- What’s that??
- I can’t change the direction of the compass of dream, but I’ve discovered a way to disconnect the ship from the influence of it. So the ship will move towards the resultant effect of the other two compasses…

Ang started to implement his discovery on the ship, disconnecting the compass of dream which is the heart of the ship. He was identifying and separating each connections with the compass and the ship. He took an axe and started to cut each of the connections. He didn’t know why he was feeling like someone cutting the connections of his own heart from his own body…

Finally the separation of the compass from the ship completed and the ship changed it’s direction to the first angle. Master was delighted, “Ang! You’ve done it, we can now go back to our home safely :)”, Ang sit down with a smiling face but he didn’t know why his eyes couldn’t smile, rather they raised in rebellion, Ang couldn’t stop himself crying…

It’s the next morning, Ang came out to the deck with the letter in his hand. Master was still sleeping. Ang looked at the horizon towards the third angle. The ship was slowly moving away from it towards Bermuda. Ang looked at the letter in his hand and then folded it to create a little paper boat. Then he drifted the little boat into the sea water. The ship was slowly moving away from the little boat, Ang was staring at that for some time. Then he looked at the open sea, he knew he was an expert in swimming. There was an extra disconnected anchor in the ship. So he tied himself with the anchor chain and locked it with a lock and threw the key towards the sea. Looking at the third angle once again, Ang dropped the anchor to the sea. The anchor took Ang with it, towards the depth of the sea…

News bulletin, Bermuda, 2009
A psychiatric patient has committed suicide this morning in the Mental Health Foundation. Doctors reported the girl was suffering from schizophrenia and she was under treatment. But this morning she was found hanged inside the room……

Over here in 1545, the little paper boat was still floating over the tranquil sea water. Long long silence everywhere and the paper boat floats over the sea carrying the sufferings of the two minds from two different worlds. Carrying the last lines written by Ang for the third angle…

even after talking we didn’t talk
even after meeting we didn’t meet
with you don’t know why there is distance of miles
with you don’t know why there is a strange chain
for you don’t know why I have dreams
with you I don’t know why

how should I tell you why I’m loving you
o beloved, I’m not able to tell you
the talks of my heart, my eyes are explaining to you
you didn’t know it, you are not knowing

the one who resides in my eyes
matches with you completely
were it your true love or your cries
which became desire of my heart
to talk to the tears of your eyes

how should I tell you why I’m loving you
o beloved, I’m not able to tell you
the talks of my heart, my eyes are explaining to you
you didn’t know it, you are not knowing

in my thoughts I said lacks of things
but didn’t say anything in-front of you
pains of this heart knows it’s you
but still remain silent, knowing we can’t be one
but mind is decorating dreams,
became mad and thinking that we were met

sometimes tears make your shadow in my eyes
but soon my heart burns, knowing it’s not you
passing sleepless nights, passing starving days
I’m destroying myself for you, but don’t know why

if I could see you happy, all my pains would go away
if could see you smile, all the peace would came back
but I can’t make you happy, I can’t make you smile
I don’t know how, I’m such an ordinary Man

how should I tell you why I’m loving you
O beloved, I’m not able to tell you
the talks of my heart, my eyes are explaining to you
you didn’t know it, you are not knowing

even though you are my desire
even though there are feelings,
but we can’t meet, this is the fate
even though you cry for me,
even though I cry for you
but I can’t be yours, this is the state

I didn’t complain when they show pride
I didn’t complain when they do insult
but I’ve complain why they are disguised!
and I’ve complain why I didn’t know before

I tried to take it easy when I found them beguiling
I tried to adjust when I found myself backdated
I didn’t ask why it’s so easy to breakup relations
but I don’t know why I can’t breakup relations

please forgive me if you can,
but I can’t be like them
so how can I tell you, why I’m loving you
O beloved I’m not able to tell you

I did never expect anything from anyone
but I’ve given away everything I had
it’s you who deserve the most
but look I’ve nothing left for you!
but I don’t have complains to my Lord
because I know I’m not eligible to you

but still mind is decorating dreams
it has become mad and waiting for it’s death
to take your hands in my hands in the hereafter
to stay beside you forever, to stare at you forever

yes it is you only, and it is you who I’m talking about
it is you who’s love is true
it’s you with whom I find peace
and it’s you only who understands me
but I don’t know why I have distances of miles with you
don’t know why with you
the talks of my heart my eyes are explaining to you
you didn’t know it, you are not knowing


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