The title of this project describes what is it. Yet if you couldn’t quite get it, then have a look at this article in wikipedia to know what Brain Computer Interface is all about. Our Goal of this project was to build a lower cost solution to implement this exciting technology through which you can type words by mind or control the computer and other devices through your mental commands. Sounds unbelievable? Let me introduce you with the basics of this technology so you can understand that it’s not impossible.


We all know that When our brain process any information then neurons in different parts of our brain interacts with each other. When neurons interact with each other then they pass the brain information through electric signals. Between two consecutive neurons there exists a very small gap and there the neuron axon transmits the electric signal to the dendrites by means of electro-magnetic radiation. In this phase of transmission of brain signals between neurons, some part of the electromagnetic waves propagates outside and we can detect those electromagnetic waves from outside of our brain skull. Then by processing those signals we try to understand what was the command sent through the brain waves. Similar commands have similar patterns in their brain waves and our computers these days are smart enough to classify them :)

Interesting… isn’t it? Well then lets see how this technology can be implemented without much of costing for the parts. The whole details of the project with the complete step by step instructions, circuit diagrams, binaries and the presentation can be downloaded from the following links. To download to your computer right click the links and then click save target as/save link as etc depending on your browser.

Download BCI Report PDF

Download BCI Presentation PDF

Download the EEG CKT File

Download BCI Program Binaries